Chaperones On Call



Our chaperones have been given the approval by their local authorities with the result of holding an Enhanced DBS, and undergone the NSPCC Safeguard training, Protecting Children in Entertainment. 

Many of our chaperones have come from a Performing Arts background and this is a core reason why they are a part of our team. We feel the young performers gain more from our chaperones, as they can use their knowledge to understand the emotions of a young performer and guide them in this industry to achieve their very best.

Just like the young performers, we are also here for the young adults ages 16 – 18 years. We understand a more relaxed, but ethic approach is required for this age group.


In 2021 Chaperones On Call expanded the agency by introducing tutors to the services we provide. 

Working many years in education, our team of tutors have chosen to support young performers with their education whilst they work a busy schedule within the entertainment industry. 

Our team of tutors hold an Enhanced DBS, Teaching Qualification, and undergone Safeguard training. 

They offer support in:

  • Primary School age curriculum key stage 1 and 2. 
  • Secondary School age curriculum key stage 3 and 4. 

With first-hand knowledge from the chaperone team, it does not go unnoticed that the young performers thoroughly enjoy being on set or the stage. Our team of tutors intend to maintain their energy and focus throughout their one-on-one tuition to suit the individual learner.


Travel & Overnight Stay

With arrangements made alongside production we offer services from door to door, day and/or night. Filming can take place anywhere in the world which can require a young performer to travel and stay overnight in an accommodation for work.

We recognise not every parent or guardian is able to pause their commitments and shadow their child to the next job or be present and continue with their commitments away from home. This is why we are here to provide the extra support.



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