Chaperones On Call


How do I join the agency?

For when space is available the agency will share an advert on our website and social media pages for the public to see and contact. Once you have contacted the agency a member of the team will be in contact to inform you of the next steps.

How do I book a chaperone or tutor for my next project?

The best way to book a chaperone or tutor is by emailing us or sending a message through our contact page. We understand scheduling isn’t always confirmed but if you have some indication of a date, location, time, the number of children taking and a description about the project it will help us find the chaperone or tutor for you.

How much do you charge per day for a chaperone or tutor?

Our rates vary depending on if a client requires a chaperone or tutor and the nature of the project. We work closely with our team in making sure the rates provided balance their responsibilities along with the hours worked.

How much notice does the agency need if I want to book a chaperone or tutor?

Two weeks from when the young performer is required for the project is suitable. Anything less we would try to help but cannot guarantee we would be able to assist you due to the short notice.


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